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About Exodus Disposal


We are Exodus Disposal. Why the name? We love reading and sharing the book of Exodus from the Bible. It has fantastic stories of God’s love for His people that inspire us and we wanted to include Him as He provides for us.

When the business started in 2000 we had two children ages 2 and 6 then we added our youngest in 2002. It was a busy time with three young children and a growing business. Working from home was a challenge but we wanted a parent to be home with our kids when they were not in school. Someone needed to be here to hear about their day when they got off the bus. They were our priority and the home business helped us to do that.

Today we have three beautiful, wonderful children. (If I may say so myself.) They keep us busy with ballgames and school activities but we love it. In no time at all we will be checking out colleges. Time flies. We will enjoy them young as long as we can.

We truly feel blessed that we are able to work at a job that pays for our modest home and reliable vehicles. We have the means to teach our children a good work ethic and a self responsibility that a traditional job wouldn’t provide for them. Many times they will help us on the routes or in the office to get our work done before we play. We are grateful that so many people trust us to complete the job and want us to work for them.

Thank you.

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